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(adj) deviating from what is standard, normal or expected; peculiar; exceptional

6 December
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"From now on, I'll connect the dots
my own way." ~ Bill Watterson
Hey! My name is sara. :)
I am currently
: visiting

for a while!♥
[edited Friday, January 20th, 2012!]
accents, airplanes, analyzing, animals, appetizers, art, astronomy, autumn, babies, beaches, best friends, birds, boardwalks, books, boyfriends, boys, bracelets, breathing, broadway, bunnies, butterflies, cameras, candles, cheese platters, childhood, children, chocolate, cities, clouds, comedy, constructive criticism, control, creativity, culinary arts, dancing, decorating, disney, distance, diversity, drawing, dumb love, eating, eustress, exotic and foreign food, falling in love, family, fireflies, first kisses, flowers, friendly people, games, girls' nights, glee, growing up, guitar, health, history, holidays, homemade gifts, honey, humor, ice cream, ladybugs, landscapes, laughing, learning, literature, long distance relationships, long walks, love, lyric interpretation, magazines, making someone smile, manhattan, manicures, massages, meeting new people, mirrors, mixtapes, modern family, monk, mood rings, movies, multimedia, music, musicals, nature, new love, new york, noise, ocean waves, oddities, outdoor activities, painting, perfection, photography, piano, picnics, picture frames, poetry, power, privacy, psychology, radios, rainbows, reading, recreational sports, reflection, rent, road trips, romance, satire, scenic nowheres, screenplays, seasonal changes, second dates, self improvement, sightseeing, singing in the shower, sleeping, smiling, snacking, snow, socializing, speaking my mind, spring, stars, success, sugar, summer, sun showers, sunsets, sunshine, surrealism, taking chances, toe rings, tourism, train rides, traveling, trees, trying new things, umbrellas, unity, viola, whistles, wings, winter, writing, young love, youth